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hi i am an antcruz

here are some things that are.about me

/ Full name: Anthony Cruz
/ 15 (2/20/06)
/ Pronouns: He/Him
/ White-Hispanic
/ Hetero

/ I am a digital artist, writer, universe creator, sometimes even a Youtuber, and more. On Youtube, my main series of videos is Artist Review, where give my opinion and rating on various internet artists, though I mainly just focus on art; The videos are mainly on the back burner for now.

/ I am also an aspiring musician. I sing irl and am currently learning how to produce; I've written and produced a well amount of songs now but am still looking for time to put it all together. I've only released one full song as of now.

/ I'm a video game/console collector and own about 20 consoles. My favorite is the Sega Saturn.

/ I am also a vinyl record collector. It's my favorite music format; I also listen to a wide variety of music, although my favorite genre is probably alternative hip-hop.

/ I have been online since 2013, starting out solely as a user on Scratch, but I didn't branch out onto other websites until 2018 and didn't start making quality content until around 2020 or so.

/ I have been drawing since 2010 and started making original characters in 2013, though most of the characters that you probably know me for have been created in 2018 at the earliest. The only character who has been around since the beginning is Antcruz (the character, not me.)

/ Bold indicates high interests
/ Italics indicates something I'm not into yet but am interested

/ Pizza
/ Rock/Pop Rock
/ Hip-hop
/ Vocaloid
/ Vaporwave
/ Y2K/Early 2010s Nostalgia
/ Old computers/OSs
/ Memes
/ Opening/Closing Logos/Brand Idents
/ Video game history
/ Earthbound/MOTHER
/ 80s/90s Nostalgia
/ Nintendo
/ Bandai Namco
/ Klonoa
/ Mr. Driller
/ Puyo Puyo Tetris
/ Touhou
/ Undertale/Deltarune
/ Portal
/ Pop Team Epic
/ Lucky Star
/ Scott Pilgrim
/ Grand Theft Auto
/ Old Flash/Newgrounds Animations
/ Overwatch
/ Most popular anime
/ Xenoblade Chronicles
/ Metroid
/ Persona
/ Omori

Favorite Music Artists:

/ Kanye West
/ Kid Cudi
/ Bjork
/ Death Grips
/ Gorillaz
/ MF Doom
/ Tyler the Creator
/ Danny Brown
/ Vince Staples
/ M.I.A.
/ Run the Jewels
/ Injury Reserve
/ XXXTentacion
/ clipping.


(Excuse outdated artwork, I desperately need to update this sheet lol)

Recent Works

Fav. Art (2020)

Fav. Art (2019)


/ you're racist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist/etc.

/ you're a pedophile/zoophile/necrophile/etc.

/ you support people who are any of the above

/ you're pro-ship. ew

/ you support/buy nfts or any sort of crypto (and yes, that includes "proof-of-stake")

/ you're an nsfw account/have 18+ in your bio yet somehow have the audacity to follow me anyway.

/ you hate white or cishet people (they're not oppressed, that's true! but you're still an asshole for doing it.)

/ you use the term "super straight" (as someone who falls under the category, i find the term stupid and offensive and would rather not associate with people who call themselves that)

/ you think bi/pan/mspec lesbians are real

/ you harass/insult me because you don't like my content instead of giving me valid criticism

/ you're just here to be an asshole to me

/ even more so, if you're an asshole to any of my friends or mutuals